Monday, October 17, 2005

Long Time No POST!

hehehe... am back... i guess just getting tamad na to blog! :P hehehe anyway... went to a wedding, Congratulations Wendy and Tim! KAMPAI! hahaha! :) went to a reunion party at Rexlon's house! Damn thanks for the lechon baka! tangina! it was the BOMB! poor baka... but the baka was real gooooood! and syempre the desserts and the sushi's too! :) went to watch a movie too! 40 year old virgin! hahaah crazy ass movie! :) kulit sobra!!!! :D MAN O LANTERN!!! go fuck a goat! :P hehehe Went to Sherlyne's bday dinner last saturday! damn sarap food again!!! :) and then went to karaoke at redbox! hehehe enjoy!!! :) Thank you Sherlyne! and Happy happy bday! super belated! :P anyway thats what have been happening lately! :P hehehe....

see... am so tamad na to blog! :P hehe or just been too tired to type stuff and think about stuff... all work shit... yawn... weekends are too short... weekdays are too long... yawn! :D

Monday, October 03, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 49+50

The final 2 episodes of Gundam Seed Destiny was the bomb!!!! The fight scenes were excellent!!! got goose bumbs all over my body!!!! wooohooooo!!!! even though they squeezed the final battles in just two episodes i thought it was real great!!!! i dont care what people may say... i say its a great finale!!!!! :) better watch it vat and ven! wooohoooo!!!!! exciting!!!! :D Athrun kicked Shinns ass!!! hmmm leg??? hehehe watch it you'll know what i mean! wooohoooo!!!! :) and as usual Shinn cried in the end... hahaha! :) yeah!!!! Kira kicked Reys ass too! and MR GOLD GUNDAM KICKED ASS too!!!! woohhooooo! gundams everywhere!!! :D hehehe

All i can say for those people who are watching gundam seed and gundam seed destiny you better watch these final 2 episodesssss!!!! :) amazingggg sobra! :) hehe have fun! :D

Athrun Zala Infinite Justice Launching!!!!
Kira Yamato Strike Freedom Launching!!!!

Happy bday castros!!!!

Oct 1 Happy Bday Ainee and Cathy!!!
Oct 3 Happy Bday Nikkiboniki!!!

Thanks for the food Ainee last saturday at Via Mare!!!! Suprise!!! :) bakit di ka umiyak??? nun nakita mo kami hahahaha! :) we should have paid for the food!!!!

** Jackie! okay ba kinain mo? hehehe ingat!!!!! ill always remember to bring a shield next time! hehehe! :D shhhh.... KABOOM KABOOM! double fire! para kang shot gun! hehehe... Just Kidding my friend! **

Ainee Cathy and Nikki!!!!! Thanks again for the great dinner yesterday at Alex III hehehe! :) Yum Yum!!! :D

Bny Mobile Laptop Madness!!!

October 1 - Bny's laptop died on him! became a Lemon! The LCD suddenly went blank on him... APEX DL-70 Rest In Peace!

October 2 - Bny went to PC Corner directly to have his laptop checked and they tried to revive his laptop but to no avail. So he had replace his old laptop with other brands that were available. I told him to get the MSI laptop that was suggested by the owner of the shop. First time in history the replacement laptop had another problem!!! the second memory slot was dead too! MSI 645 Rest In Peace. Thats 2 laptops down! hahaha Buti nalang there was another one on stock! Good juju coming back to Bny! hehehe... but nooooo... when we got back home and tried to install the windows XP pro in his system it went blue screen! hmmm... another problem... 3 times of reformat the same damn blue screen popped up! Great!!!! we went back again to the shop and let their service people check on the laptop... the problem was the memory was not compatible with the laptop!!!! hahaha DAMN!!!! malas!!! they changed the laptops memory buti nalang they have stock!!! Bny would gone crazy pagwalang stock! :) After that we went back home all systems go!!!!! wooohooo... Now Bny's laptop is back online!

** I think he had a better deal with his new laptop! Now its branded with just an additional 2000 pesos and with lots of free accessories! hehehe... diba diba bny boy!!!! free webcam, another free mouse and a better laptop bag!!!! and we got freebies from the store! hehe diba diba bny boy! :) hehehe learn something from me even though its bad! hehehe :D **

** Hope your new laptop wont bug on you now!!!! hope it wont go LEMON again on you! **

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shows are coming back on air!!! :)

wooohoooo this week on air... in the US.

Desperate Housewives 2 = for those girly girls out there! :) downloaded the first episode of season 2 already! woooohooo Maina!!! :) hehehe i know you want to watch this later! :)

Amazing Race 8 = aired this morning here in Manila at 9am a two hour episode! :) it will have a replay tonight at 8pm.

Smallville and CSI = will be going on air on September 29 in the States! So I'll be downloading this on Oct 3 here on Monday.

yehey!!! :)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday blues!

Monday blues!!! i hate mornings and i hate mondays! my weekend was A+ okay!

friday - went out with the mai, war, ven, oli, dang, sherlyne, jench, her friend to gb3 and ate at Itallianis :) Maina was sick so had to come home early and let her rest. wawa maimai! get well soon! :) love you! *sherlyne ranted! hope you'll feel better soon! tc! juris!*

saturday - In the morning had my car tuned up and had my car locks fixed. wooohooo at long last had it fixed narin! In the evening went out to eat at Everything at Steak! food was good nothing special just cheap steak but it was good :) if you have eaten at ate Ems beach parking at DLSU its the same shit but ate Ems steak and lamb chops tastes better! :D After we went to promenade to hang out at coffee bean and tea leaf! :) then had a drinking session at my house absinthe and cherry coke.

sunday - played basketball at xavier and watched the admu vs. dlsu game on tv. wooohooo ANIMO LASALLE! :) and by the way Everything at Steak is owned by an Atenista... Booooo! :)

Now... am in the office again downloading torrents! wizardry 8 and gundam seed destiny 49: Rey. I this episode will be exciting to watch if not am going crazy! had been boring for the past 5 episodes! hahaha so much for work!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005


woooohoooo its friday!!!! am so happy its already friday!!! :) thats all that i could say! has been a hell of a week! traffic, work, traffic.... damn yawn!!!! am just glad its friday... :D nothing new to write about really just been downloading albums and games from torrents lately :) and the zone alarm pro and symantec antivirus is working A okay! :D nothing bothering my computer and its memory no more! :D woooopeeee :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Scrapped Mcafee!

wahahaha scrap them all! anyway i just got myself a new antivirus program and an internet security program gonna try it first... the mcafee is really slowing down my system 2 like norton o well! back to the drawing board. anyway the antivirus program is from symantec and the internet security program is from zonealarm. i hope these two will provide necessary protection for my pc and laptop. :) hehe

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Scrapped Norton

Finally scrapped Norton out of my computer system! found an alternative to the memory hugging norton. Tried using Mcafee Internet Security Suite. I think its a better alternative if u just wanna guard ur computer against internet threats and viruses. Norton also has the activication code that really sucks! o well i guess its a way to stop software piracy but still it has a loophole which i will find soon hehehe :D I'll make balita nalang here what turns out with my Mcafee hehehe! :D